GlobalBox Information



What is Globalbox TV?

GlobalBox TV is an innovative internet broadband TV service that brings you Somali, Arabic, Islamic and African TV channels and selected movies on-demand directly to your television anywhere in the world over the internet. Once the customer receives the Global Box, all they need to do is to plug the box in the internet router/modem. The gate of boundless joy and fun would thus be opened before you.

What are the channels you can watch and available on  Globalbox TV?

We are adding new channels daily but here are a sample of the few channels available, The video on demand is updated daily so you will always be able to catch up with your favorite programs. If you own a channel tv or a show and want your channel listed please contact us.  We are always adding programs that immigrant community is hungry for.

How does it work and What do I need?

All you need is highspeed internet, you can watch our channels any where you have an internet

Who will do the install and Setup?

Our receiver is ready to watch and all you need is to follow out 3 steps which comes with our product.

1) connect receiver to Power

2) connect to internet

3) Connect to your TV

You are done. Happy watching


What is the cost and where can we buy Globalbox tv?

Our prices start from $240 plus shipping fee. We can ship it to any where in the world.

You can buy it online using our secure order page click here to buy or visit at our showrooms or resellers.

What type of payment or how do I pay for it?

You can buy online using our trusted  amazon store using major credit card or debit or paypal account. We also accept Hawalla payments as well.


What are you waiting for? Happy Globalbox TV watching and spread the word.


GlobalBox TV Channels

Plan 1
$240 works with both wireless and wired internet
Full Package 320 channels
OnDemand and live Channels
⊕ VOD - Catchup favorite programs
Wired and Wireless Device
$240 plus shipping cost